The origin of the unusual faience of Caldas lies wrapped in a huge mystery. There is no certainty as to the origin of this tradition.
However there are at least three possible explanations as to the genesis of this type of pottery.

  • Explanation 1 - The King Carlos I, of Portugal, wanted to offer something unique to a Spanish guest, and had the idea to order a part shaped phallus. Since then this form of ware continued to be manufactured and today is a piece of Caldas heritage
  • Explanation 2 - During a crisis in Bordallo Pinheiro ceramics factory employees had no material to work with. Then, one more trickster employee, molded one-piece-shaped phallus and from that moment this faience format were associated with local pottery
  • Explanation 3 - Manuel Mafra (Royal House's potter) managed to offer something unusual to King Carlos I (known as raunchy and bon vivant). Thereafter this type of ware developed until today.


throughout history, various flavours

Ancient styles
Modern styles

All made of clay and hand painted

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