Geo cache? Trail marker? Just DICK it.

Start by finding a Geo cache near you


...protect your neighborhood

Tired of nature lovers come to ruin what your country has best?
Tired of nature lovers come to spoil the beauties of your land?
Tired of plastic ribbons tied to trees and painted marks on the rocks?
Fed up with cut trees and stones removed from the site?
Fed up with boxes of cakes on the ground, cans of beans, juice boxes and empty water bottles to mess natural parks?

Geo DICK is the solution

Make a stand. Place a Geo DICK in the spot. And, if you are a ruthless nature's warrior, erase the markers, collect the trash, and leave a signature: GEODICK.COM. You'll be doing nature a favor.
Let's stop the nature's fake lovers.

Start now

  • Download the application for Android that leads you to the next Geo cache
  • Order one Geo DICK on the Internet
  • And go on an adventure to restore nature to its original state

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What is a Geo DICK?

A Geo DICK is a piece of traditional faience, made in Portugal, in the town of Caldas da Rainha.
Fully natural, made of clay.
The production of faience in Caldas dates back to 1884.
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