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Caldas da Rainha

Interviewer: Rui Unas
Interviwed: Francisco José Agostinho, Cassilda Agostinho

RU: Here at Mr. Francisco's workshop where he and his wife hand-make 300 cocks every month, bringing joy to many people.

FA: My name is Francisco José Agostinho
I've been doing this for 30 years.
I had the habbit of always having it in my hands all my life so...
here I am.
I'm not replacing women by any means.
Don't think that.
But this is my life, I'll spend the rest of it with a cock in my hand.

RU: When asked what you do for a living, how do you respond?

FA: Generally, people know what I do for a living.
For 30 years I've been the famous "cock guy" of Caldas.

RU: So for over 30 years you've been bound to your cock?

FA: Yes. These days not so much. I forget where it is sometimes.
But when I was younger I was always attached to it.

RU: So what was the biggest cock you've ever held in your hands?

FA: Biggest one? I get choked up just thinking about it.
The biggest was about 2 feet tall. Now imagine holding that.

RU: This next question, you can chose not to answer, 
but your wife also spends her entire day holding cocks.

FA: Yes I know, to my misfortune.
She spends her entire day with cocks and, after work, she doesn't want to hold any more.

RU: Your wife, right now, is holding two cocks, over there.
And they're huge. Big ones.

FA: I'd like her to hold mine too, in bed, but she won't. She's tired.

RU: So at night she doesn't work?

FA: No, only during the day.

RU: Excuse me Mrs. Cassilda. Sorry to bother you, I have to ask.
You have a special way of holding the cock, don't you?

CA: Yes, so I can paint it properly.

RU: So you have to hold it by the head? Head of the cock?


RU: So Mrs. Cassilda is the one who finishes the job and the cock is grateful.

CA: Ah, well of course.

Francisco José Agostinho
Estrada Principal, 73